What Is Good And Bad About CCTV Systems

There is a good chance that you have probably heard about a CCTV system, but don’t know anything about them. CCTV stands for closed circuit television, and it is basically a system that is closed. Unlike your regular television system, the signals are not broadcast and cannot be picked other by other viewers. These types of systems are popular for security purposes and are commonly utilized in retail stores, banks, and government facilities. These systems are also being used throughout cities and on highways for monitoring purposes.

Benefits Of CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras can really help protect employees. If these cameras are placed in locations where employees are vulnerable to physical or verbal attacks, they’ll capture everything on tape. This also means that these cameras will also prevent crime and help police track down the perpetrators. However, if someone knows that they are being watched by one of these cameras, they will be much less likely to commit a crime in this area. All of the footage that is captured can be recorded to a server, which can be access after the fact.

These types of systems help prevent employee thefts and violence as well. If your employees know that they are being watched, they are going to behave and perform their jobs better. Perhaps, the biggest advantage associated with such cameras is that they are wireless. This means that they are less likely to experience wiring issues and potential criminals cannot cut the wires to disable the cameras. The only way to gain access to a CCTV kit would be to hack into it. And the probability of that happening is truly slim to none.

Drawback To CCTV Systems

Although CCTV systems can be immensely beneficial, they can also have a few minor setbacks. One of the downsides of CCTV is that they are going to be much more expensive than a standard type of security camera system. Another drawback is that they are probably going to require a professional’s assistance to install, because they require a lot of network experience and configurations, such as IP addresses, router, and DNS settings. Another downside is that these types of systems can be vulnerable to hacking. However, the hacker would have to be rather sophisticated to gain access to a system like this.


As you can see, CCTV systems come with some advantages and disadvantages, but if you are looking to protect your store and employees, these are probably one of the best and most secure systems that you can purchase. Another security option worth looking into is CCTV cameras mounted on drones as shown on dronesforsale.ie.