Openbox have released the new V9S model

We have just completed our new logo design for who sell electronic products but focusing on the Openbox TV receivers. The Openbox freesat receivers are affordable TV boxes that allow you to get channels from the UK for free without having to pay a monthly subscription service. are a new company and came to us looking for a new logo that is professional and simple in design. We did not know a whole lot about this industry so we dug a little deeper to find out what do to get some ideas for our logo design.

As a designer I feel it is important to understand your clients business and in this case it was pretty straight forward. They are a seller of the original Openbox brand which includes the Openbox V8S and Openbox V9S both of which are satellite TV receivers that are apparently quite popular here in Ireland and the UK. I even went the extra step and ordered one for myself as they sounded great and I am paying €70 per month for my TV subscription which I could do without paying! I was thoroughly impressed by the Openbox as it has over 100 channels and all of the popular ones that I was using on my TV subscription service.

Openbox V8S logoWith this in mind and looking at the website colour scheme I decided on which direction I wanted to go in. I went with the colours red and grey which are the same as the logo of the new Openbox V9S which is one of their most popular products apparently. It is a pretty basic design as they wanted to keep the logo and their website pretty simple and not too clustered. So for those of you who are interested in cutting your TV bills then I would recommend checking these guys out. They have been a great client and easy to work with.