Three Things To Consider When Buying Bluetooth Speakers

With Bluetooth speakers being around for a few years now and so many readily available it can be hard to know the difference between the various options. Obviously the original brands such as Bose, Philips and Sony are on the more expensive side but are they really better? Not always in our opinion. There are several factors to consider when looking at buying a new pair of bluetooth speakers.


Firstly, louder is not always better but you do need sufficient volume depending on your needs. Most bluetooth speakers are quite small but can put out a decent volume. Most bluetooth speakers under €100 will be under 20 Watts which to be honest is plenty powerful for most people.

Sound Quality:

best bluetooth speakersThis is an obvious one but one not many people actually check before buying whether it’s reviews online or in a bricks and mortar shop itself. Most speakers should be giving a crisp clear sound with the option of added bass for all your dance heads! We suggest looking up reviews of the product before purchase and check the decibel range before purchasing to ensure you are getting the right quality.

Multiple Functions:

Obviously bluetooth speakers are made to be used with bluetooth devices such as phones and tablets but it’s also important they have a physical audio jack for old school phones or if you want to save your battery by switching off the bluetooth and going old school with a cable. Some older laptops don’t have a bluetooth function and many people have their music on their laptops so an audio jack is important but again something people tend to over look for the more advanced functions when purchasing.

Other things to consider are radio ability. Can it play FM radio? This isn’t a make or break with a lot of people these days but it is still another feature to look out for. We also recommend checking the size of the speaker for portability. This guide was brought to you by

Taking A Look At The M8 Android TV Box

Are you currently shopping for a reliable Android TV box? If this the case, you should look no further than the M8 Android TV box, which is one of the most reputable on the entire market. There is no doubt that this device is revolutionizing the way people watch television. Cords are being slashed and consumers all around are switching to Android TV boxes. So, what makes the M8 so great? Below, you will be able to discover the answer!


m8 android tv boxThe M8 Android TV box is fitted with some very impressive components, which help to ensure that it works quickly and efficiently for all consumers. The Amlogic S802 Quad Core Processor is very powerful and can load your video, within a matter of seconds! This device is also equipped with a few additional inputs and outputs, which enhance its functionality significantly. For instance, the SD card slot will improve the device’s 8GB of disk space. This gives you an increased amount of space for stored videos and pictures.

The Remote

This specific TV box is equipped with a very convenient remote control. This controller gives the consumer the ability to access and manipulate all of the box’s features and settings. The remote control allows you to fast forward, rewind and perform many other functions, including accessing video and music files. Suffice to say, you won’t need to get out of your seat, when you have this remote in the palm of your hand.

Many Functions

Overall, the M8 Android TV Box gives the user access to a massive number of functions and applications. You can use the box to watch live television, record your favorite shows and access on demand videos. This box can do anything that your traditional cable box can do and then some!


Anyone, who wishes to cut their cable and save money, will definitely want to check out the M8 TV Box. Not only will it save them money, but also it’ll ensure that they enjoy the entertainment that they desire!